[Translated by Fra.  GR:Kappa.  GR:Phi. IX Degree. from a German MS. said to have been found among the papers of Weishaupt.  It by no means appears that the fragments pertain to the Illuminati; Weishaupt's MS. was probably a mere transcript from some older ritual which he valued on purely archaeological grounds. --- ED.]


                           TWO FRAGMENTS OF RITUAL


                              THE SUPREME RITUAL

   "A feast for the Supreme Ritual."
   "to him is the winged secret flame, and to her the stooping starlight."
                                                          --- "Liber Legis."

   LET a feast be made by the Officers of the Temple.  This  Temple, into which they then retire, may be any convenient place.  An altar is necessary; also a vessel of wine; otherwise as may be appointed by them: "e.g." the robes, etc., as said in ..........  The officers are two in number, and seek Nuit and Hadit through Babalon and the Beast.<>  To conceal themselves, they are disguised as Isis and Osiris.
["The officers meet and clasp hands above the altar.  Any preliminary
     operations, such as opening, banishing, etc., are now down by I.,<> who returns, and
     they again greet, but as initiates."]
   O. and I. ["face to face"].
   O. What is the hour?
   I. When time hath no power.
   O. What is the place?
   I. At the limits of space.
   O. What God do we wake? {83}
   I. The L... of the S....!
   O. With what do we serve?
   I. B....., M....., and N....!
   O. The shrine in the gloom?
["Gives the S... of a B... of the A...., which" I. "destroys by the S... of
   M..T. the God."
   I. Is the M.... O. T.. W...
   O. And the Priest in the Shrine?
   I. Is this M...... O. M...!
[I. "repeats S... of M.. T. and O. gives S... of Baphomet."
   O. and the wonder above?
   I. The Quintessence of Love.
   O. There are sacraments?
   I.                         Nine.
      There are music and wine
      And the delicate dance ---
   O. To accomplish?
   I.                  The trance.
   O. And are these three enough?
   I. They are servants of Love.
   O. And the sacrifice?
   I.                     I.
   O. And the priestess?
   I.                      Is thou.
      I am willing to die
      At thy hands --- even now.
   O. Worship me first!
                                      [I. "seats" O. "upon the Altar."
   I. Mistress, I thirst.
                                     [O. "gives wine.  They drink." {84}
   O. My mouth is on fire
      To my lord's desire.
                  ["They exchange the holy greeting by a kiss."
   I. I kneel at thy feet,
      And the honey is sweet.
                  [O. "plays music while" I "worships in silence."
   O. Exhausted, I sink.
   I. I am dead, on the brink.
   O. Let us dance!
   I.               Let us dance!
   O. I. The Lord give us power
        To be lost in the trance.
        For an hour --- for an hour!
["They dance together.  A pause of perfect stillness and silence follows: until O.," sua sponte, "advances and places" I. "upon the altar."
   O. Exhaust me!
   I.                Nay, drink!
   O. Ere I sink!
   I.              I shall sink!
   O. Drink wine! oh, drink wine!
   I. I am thine!
   O.             I am thine!
                                  ["They drink and greet as before."
   I. Art thou armed?
   O.                  With a knife.
                       [O. "draws the dagger from her hair."
   I. Love is better than life.
[O. "cuts a" ., "or if possible, the sigil of N.O.X., on" I."'s breast."
   O. Let us dance! {85}
   I. ["giving wine."]  To the trance!
                                        ["they drink, then dance."
   O. Back to the throne!
                           [I. "returns, and takes seat thereon."
   I. I adore thee alone!
[O. "does so. plays music if so inclined, and continues as necessity or
      inclination may dictate."
   O. It is ended, the play:
      I am ready to slay.
      Anoint me!
   I.              I rise
      To the fire of thine eyes.
      I anoint thee, thy priest,
      Babalon --- and The Beast!
      And I ask of Thee now:
      Who art Thou?
   O. Omari tessala marax etc.
["The Ritual; of the S.... of R.... is in silence accomplished."

                                     IX Degree


   I. Mouth to mouth and heart to heart!
   O. For the moment we must part.
   I. Time and space renew the illusion.
   O. Love is swallowed in confusion.
   I. Love sustains us eminent
      Till the hour of Sacrament.
   O. I love you, and you love me.
   I. Now and ever may it be!
   I. and O.  Hand in hand is heart to heart
      Love be with us, though we part.
                           ["They greet, as before, and depart."



                              A RITUAL TO INVOKE


                           OR ANY OTHER DIVINE ONE

                                 THE OPENING

"The assistants being all without," N. "and" H. "perform the ritual
   appropriate.  The doors are unlocked, and the assistants, led by" R.,
                              .the god.
   LET the symbol or image of :       : be in the East of the Temple.
                              .HICE   .
   Let incense burn before:
   Let there be two other thrones: on her right that of Nuit, on her left that
   of Hadit; the child is Ra Hoor Khuit.
   Nuit is dressed in blue, Hadit in red; the child is ...
                                              ["MS. torn here."
   The lamp shall be burning above R.H.K., who crouches in the centre, in the prescribed posture.
   If they be assistants, they shall all wear the robes of their grade; they shall be seated in balanced disposition about the temple; and they shall enter only after the opening.

                                 THE OPENING

   H. Knock as appropriate to god invoked.
   N. The Hymn appropriate to banishing.  {87}
   H. the Banishing ritual of the Pentagram, as revised.
   N. B.......!
   H. O......!

                             THE DEATH OF OSIRIS

H. "and" N. "divest themselves of their blue and red robes, appearing merely
      in their magick robes of red and green as the temporal and spiritual
      powers, Typhon and Apophis."
   H. Sister, I burn upon the throne.
   N. I am in agony, Typhon!
   H. Who hath disturbed our ageless peace?
   N. Threatened our mystery?
   H.                           Isis
      Hath borne a child.
   N.                     We are twins.
   H.                                    What word
      Insults us?
   R. ["Springs up."]  Lo!  I am, the third.
   H. ["Comes forward with the scourge, and forces" R. "to kneel."]
      Then bow thee to the two above!   ["Strikes him twice."
   N. ["Comes forward with the rod."]  We need no witnesses of
our love.                               ["Strikes him twice."
   H. Who art thou?
   N.                Whence art thou?
   R.                                  My name
      Is surely I am that I am.
   H. Blaspheme not!                    ["Strikes him twice."
   N.                 Lie not!          ["Strikes him twice."   {88}
   R.                           I am come
      From Isis, from the Virgin Womb.
   H. Blaspheme not!                    ["Strikes him twice."
   N.                 Lie not!          ["Strikes him twice."
   R.                           I am he
      Appointed from eternity
      To rule upon the folk of Khem.
   H. We are the gods and kings of them.
   N. Upstart!                          ["Strikes him twice."
   H.          Usurper!                 ["Strikes him twice."
   N.                    We defy thee.
   H. We have the power to crucify thee.
            [N. "forces" R. "back, and they stretch out his arms."
   R. Amen!  I am willing to be slain.
      Verily I shall rise again!
   N. With four wounds thus I nail thee.
             ["Wounds brow, hands, and feet with the dagger."
   H. With one wound I impale thee.
                              ["Wounds breast with sword."
   H. Hail, sister!  We have slain the god.
   N. Ours is the termless period.
   H. Bending across the bloodless face
      Let us embrace!
   N.                   Let us embrace!
["They embrace, leaning across the corpse."  N. "returns to her throne, and
      dons the blue robe, thus assuming the power of Isis."  H. "remains, his
      sword upon the heart of" R. {89}

                             THE ARISING OF HORUS

   N. "chants the Dirge of Isis.<>  After" "tomb" "in
      verse 4 she rises and" H. "falls back to his knees.  At verse" 5 N.
      "comes down to the corpse, and raises it with kisses upon the stigmata,
      wrapping it then in her blue robe.  She then clothes it in the white
      robe" (of a Probationer? Trans.)  R. "takes the sword of" H. "and ...
      (?) his throat therewith."  N. "returns to her throne and" H. rises and
      puts on his red robe.


         ["The remaining sheets of MSS. are missing or indecipherable."