THEN silence,and the veil of light is raised
            And darkness seen behind.  Now softly sound
            The Angels' herald-trumpets, calling round
            Thunders and mighty winds and powers amazed.
            Now laden with the spirit of man's hand
            There bursts an awful clarion-shout and brings
            Strange whispering and rushing of strange wings
            Battling, and furtive secrets of command.

            Down from the height and up from the abyss
            Are swept dominion, power, angel, throne,
            For unimaginable ends, and hiss,
            And fall.  The heralds trumpet; they are gone.
            Tread softly --- 'tis in God's house thou hast been ---
            And fearfully --- 'tis God that thou hast seen.
G. H. S. PINSENT.    



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