and Sons.  1s. net.
   This is the best book ever written on health.  Go out and hold naked
Nature to your breast; and you will be well.
   You sleep in or you sleep out, as luck will have it; sometimes you get
food, and sometimes not; it's no odds; you are one with Nature, and find
that Nature is one with God.
   This is my own practice; every time London can spare me I put on my
climbing things and take nothing else but a supply of strong tobacco and a
few pounds.  Then I think of some pace that sounds interesting ___ Madrid
or Fiesole or Timbuktu ___ and walk there.
   When I get back I am strong enough even for book-reviewing.
   Go thou and do likewise!
                                            ALEISTER CROWLEY.

   A very pleasant collection of witty essays.  "O si sic omnes!"  Do let us
have some more this year.
   And thank you so much for the very necessary statements in "There is no
                                                   A. C.

   We sent this book to our undertaker for review, but he only wired back
"Rot."  Why are undertakers always poets?
   [The late Cesare Lombroso was a mattoid and degenerate suffering from
paranoiac delusions about "criminal types."  He would count the hairs in
your moustache, and if you had two more on one side than the other, it
showed that you would commit forgery.  The authorities once sent him a
photograph of a murderer, and he proved that not only was he bound to
murder somebody, but to do it in just that special way.  By an accident,
the {75} photograph was that of a blameless grocer, an Arthur Henry Hallam
of grocers.
   But he went galumphing on with his monomania, until senile decay
supervened, and he became a spiritualist.
   Now he is dead, like Max Nordau. ___ ED.]

               Printed by BALLANTYNE & CO., LIMITED, London


  Portrait of the Author.  Fcap. 4to, parchment gilt.  Printed at the
  Ballantyne Press.  12s. net.  Limited Edition of 250 copies, signed and
  Part I.  Shadows of Sacraments;  Part II. The Hidden Sacrament of the
  Holy Graal.  Part III. The Poor Brother's Mass Book: containing a Method
  of Assisting at the Holy Sacrifice for children who are not of this
  world.  There is also implied a certain assistance to Servers.  Part IV.
  The Book of the King's Dole, and Chantry for Plain Song: A Greater
   "Through all one comes in touch with a fine spirit, alive to the glory
of the world and all that charms the heart and sense of man, yet seeing
past these with something of the soul of Galahad. ... Rich in memorable
verse and significant thought, so closely wedded to emotion that each seems
either." ___ GLASGOW HERALD.
  Special Cover designed by MARY TOURTEL, and Frontispiece by ISABELLE DE
  STEIGER.  Price 7s. 6d. net.
  "The most remarkable and on the whole the most successful attempt to sing
the mysteries of mysticism, since Blake wrote his 'Prophetic Books.'" ___
  "Undoubtedly one of the most original and most remarkable books of verse
published for many years."  BIRMINGHAM DAILY GAZETTE.
  WREN SUTTON.  Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d. net.
  "A romance founded on the building of the Great Pyramid by Pharaoh and
the birth of Moses is a distinctly notable addition to modern fiction, and
Mr. Smith and Mr. Sutton have done their work conscientiously and well.
The secret of the Sphinx is revealed by a narrative of a curious
combination of circumstances, in which the magic ring of Moses is given a
conspicuous place." ___ THE SCOTSMAN.
  "A vividly drawn and fascinating picture of life in Egypt and the desert,
and interprets on broad and universal principles the 'wisdom of the
Egyptians' in which Moses was learned." ___ LIGHT.
THE LIVING WHEEL.  By T. I. UNIACKE.  A Drama in Five Acts.  Crown 8vo. 3s.
  "This is one of the most remarkable books that I have read for many a
long day.  A daring book, a puzzling book, one that suggests more than it
says, and raises questions innumerable to which it supplies no answers."
                                 W.T.Stead in THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS.
  "A thoughtfully written novel, and one that dips a little deeper than
most into spiritual and intellectual matters."  T.P.'s WEEKLEY.
  This story of a spiritual marriage presents strange possibilities of
union between those who are of necessity separated in the physical body.
THE TAROT OF THE BOHEMIANS: The Most Ancient Book in the World, for the
  Exclusive Use of Initiates.  By PAPUS.  Translated from the French by A.
  P. Morton.  New edition, revised throughout, with introduction by A. E.
  WAITE.  Crown 8vo, ornamental cloth gilt, gilt tops, 384 pp., profusely
  illustrated, 6s. net.
A PACK OF 78 TAROT CARDS: Exquisitely drawn and coloured, from new and
  original designs by PAMELA COLEMAN SMITH.  Each card has a separate
  allegorical meaning.  This is without question the finest and most
  artistic pack that has ever been produced.  Price 6s. net, post free.
THE KEY TO THE TAROT: Giving the history of the Tarot Cards, their
  allegorical meaning and the methods of divination for which they are
  adapted.  By ARTHUR EDWARD WAITE.  Royal 32mo, cloth gilt, 2s. net.
  Essential to the interpretation of the Tarot Cards.  The Cards and Key
  will be supplied in neat box for 8s. post free.
PSYCHIC PHILOSOPHY, as the Foundation of a Religion of Natural Causes.  By
  V. C. DESERTIS.  With Introductory Note by Professor ALFRED RUSSEL
  WALLACE, O.M., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S.  New edition, largely re-written,
  cloth gilt, gilt tops, crown 8vo, 421 pp., 4s. 6d. net.
  CONTENTS. ___ Introductory Note and Preface. ___ Part I.  The Bases of
Experimental Fact.  Part II. Theory and Inferences.  Part III. Practical
  "The book is replete with sound, scholarly, cogent and practical
reasoning, on the scientific and religious, as well as on the psychic
side." ___ LIGHT.                                    [T.P.'S WEEKLY.
  "Temperately and carefully written, and is in every way superior to the
average spiritualistic publication." ___
  "In every way worthy of study." ___ CHRISTIAN WORLD.
THE WISDOM OF PLOTINUS. A Metaphysical Study, by C. J. WHITBY, M.D. 120 pp.
  crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 2s. net.  A Treatise on the metaphysical doctrines
  of the great Neoplatonic Philosopher.
  CONTENTS. ___ Life of Plotinus.  Ancient and Modern Methods.
Neoplatonism.  Matter.  The Universe.  Individuality.  The Problem of Evil.
Providence and the Individual.  Demons and the Demonic Faculty.  Concerning
Love and Emotions.  Substance or Corporeal Essence.  Time and Eternity.
Doctrine of the Soul.  Individuality.  Incarnation or Descension.
Intelligence, and the Intelligible World.  Primal Categories or Elements of
the Notion.  Universal Number.  Number and Unity.  Time and Space in
Eternity.  Ideal Functions of Time and Space.  Universal Differentiation.
Intelligence and the One.  The One.  Potential Import of the Doctrine of
  "For the professed student of philosophy, Plotinus still remains the most
important of the Neo-platonists, and his theories cannot be neglected.  Mr.
Whitby has presented them in an admirably concise and lucid form, and for
metaphysicians his little volume will be indispensable." ___ GLOBE.

WILLIAM RIDER & SON, Ltd., 164 Aldersgate St., London, E.C.

                       Mr. W. NORTHAM

                     Robe Maker and Tailor

                9 HENRIETTA ST., COVENT GARDEN, W.C.

               Begs to inform those concerned that he
               has been entrusted by the A.'. A:
               with the manufacture of the necessary
               robes and other appurtenances of
                     members of the Society.



    REBMAN LTD. Price 6s.

It is desirable, almost necessary even, for all
those who wish to understand the dangers of the
Mystic Path to read this extraordinary study of
the contents of a maniac's mind.
  It may be obtained at the offices of this paper,
or from REBMAN LTD., 129 Shaftesbury Avenue.
and through all booksellers.
           "See Review on page 314."

ing volume of Essays and Sketches
        On the Loose:
Planetary Journeys and Earthly
Sketches (a new popular edition).
Price One Shilling net, crown
8vo, pp. 164, may be obtained
   through "The Equinox."

THE CANON: An Exposition of the Pagan
  Mystery perpetuated in the Cabala as
  the Rule of all the Arts.  With a preface by
  R. B. CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM.  Finely printed at
  the Chiswick Press.  Over 400 pp.  With numerous
  Illustrations.  Demy 8vo, 12s. net.
  Mr. H.G. WELLS, writing at length in the "Saturday"
"Review," says: ___ "These chapters are really admirable exposi-
tions of a method of inquiry that I had thought vanished
from the earth ... a thoughtful and laborous contribution
to theological study."
  "This beautiful book with all its curious learning."
                           "Manchester Guardian."

THE VISION (Mystical Papers), By Mrs.
  HAMILTON SYNGE.  With a Frontispiece by G. F.
  WATTS, R. A.  Fcap 8vo, wrapper 1s. net, cloth
  1s. 6d. net.
  "The book will do good wherever it is read, and those who
read it will find fault only with its brevity.  Yet it is
adequate to its purpose." ___ "The Occult Review."

  Fcap 8vo, 2s. 6d. net.
  "Mr. Flint has a fine and delicate sense of words and a
considerable metrical gift.  His language moreover is lucid
and follows his though delicately and with music."
                                "The English Review"

BAUDELAIRE: The Flowers of Evil.
  Translated into English Verse by CYRIL SCOTT
  Fcap 8vo.  Wrapper, 1s. net; cloth, 1s. 6d. net.
  "A typical and representative selection."
                               "Publishers' Circular."

MESSERS. LOWE & Co., 8 Stafford Street, Bond Street,
beg to announce that they have been entrusted for
twelve years past with the preparation of the Oils, Perfumes,
Unguents, Essences, Incenses, and other chemical products
useful to members of all the lesser grades of the A ∴ A ∴

                              A. COLIN LUNN,
"                  ""Cigar Importer and Cigarette Merchant,"
              3 BRIDGE STREET, 19 KING'S PARADE, & 31 TRINITY
                            STREET, CAMBRIDGE.
    Sole Agent for Loewe & Co.'s Celebrated Straight Grain Briar Pipes.
manufactured from the finest selected growths of 1908 crop, and are of
exceptional quality.  They can be inhaled without causing any irritation of
the throat.
         Sole Manufacturer: A. COLIN LUNN, Cambridge.

                                HATHA YOGA
"                  "The Sacred and Secret Hindu Science of "
"                           ""Physical Development"

A GENTLEMAN who has studied many years in India under famous Yogis IS NOW
     He offers Careful and Serious Instruction ___ both Theoretical and
Practical ___ but makes no claim to confer Siddhim (magical powers).  His
sole claim is to teach to others what he has himself learned.
     His Western education has enabled him to restore the true science of
HATHA YOGA by discarding the superstitious accretions.  This enables him to
communicate in a short time what Indians must study and practice for years
to acquire.  He will accept only a few chosen pupils, as his time is
already much occupied in other ways, and he does not intend to bring
discredit upon his system by attempting to train persons naturally
incapable of success.
     The First COMPLETE COURSE consists of EIGHT LESSONS, for which a
charge of TEN GUINEAS, payable in advance, is made.
     A SECOND COURSE is open to those who have made a success of the first;
it consists of FIVE LESSONS in most secret Tantras, which have been so
misinterpreted and degraded by ignorant people, which are indeed the most
holy Books in the whole world, and of which nothing whatever is known in
this country.  Terms: TWENTY GUINEAS.
                   "All Applications should be sent to:"

               "The Photograph in this number of"
                   "The Equinox" is by the"
                      DOVER STREET STUDIOS
                    38 Dover Street, MAYFAIR.

                        IMPORTANT NEW BOOKS
                 Published by R. FISHER UNWIN.
After Death ___ What?  Spiritistic Phenomena and their Interpretation.
  By CESARE LOMBROSO, Alienist Professor of Psychiatry in the University of
  Turin, Author of "The Female Offender," "The Man of Genius," etc.  Second
  Impression.  Illustrated.  Demy 8vo, cloth, 10/-net; post free 10/5.
Psychotherapeutics.  A Symposium.  By MORTON PRINCE, M.D., Professor of
  Diseases of the Nervous System, Tufts College Medical School.  FREDERIC
  H. GERRISH, M.D. Professor of Surgery, Bowdoin College.  JAMES J. PUTNAM,
  M.D., Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School.  E.W.TAYLOR, M.D.,
  Instructor in Neurology, Harvard Medical School.  BORIS SIDIS, M.S.
  GEORGE A. WATERMAN, M.D., Assistant in Neurology, Harvard Medical School.
  JOHN E. DONLEY M.D., Physician of Nervous Diseases, St. Joseph's
  Hospital, Providence.  ERNEST JONES, M.D., Demonstrator of Psychiatry,
  University of Toronto.  TOM A. WILLIAMS, M.D.  Crown 8vo, cloth, 4/6 net;
  post free 4/10.
Mysterious Psychic Forces.  An Acount of the Author's Investigations in
  Psychical Research, together with those of other European Savants.  By
  CAMILLE FLAMMARION, Director of the Observatory of Juvisy, France.
  Author of "The Unknown," etc. etc.  With 21 Illustrations.  Demy 8vo,
  cloth, 8/6 net; post free 8/11.
Psychical Research and the Resurrection.  By JAMES H. HYSLOP, Ph.D., LL.D.,
  Author of "Enigmas of Psychical Research," and "Science and a Future
  Life," formerly Professor of Ethics and Logic at Columbia University.
  Large Crown 8vo, cloth, 5/-net; post free 54 {sic, s.b. "5/4"}.
Psychotherapy.  By HUGO MšNSTERBERG, M.D., Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D., Professor
  of Psychology in Harvard University.  Large crown 8vo, cloth, 8/6 net;
  post free 8/10.
   This book, by one of the foremost practical psychologists in the world,
deals with the whole subject of Psychotherapy, or Mental Healing, from the
standpoint of the modern psychology, for the benefit of the unscientific as
well as the professional reader.
                     ON SALE AT ALL BOOKSELLERS.

The Original Panel Photographs by the Dover Street Studios,
from which the photogravure facing AHA! is reproduced,
are for sale at the offices of
         "The Equinox," 124 Victoria Street, S.W.
"Framed neatly in gold.              Price Ten Shillings."

Ready in June.  Five Shillings net.  Order through the Equinox,
                THE TRIUMPH OF PAN
           Poems by VICTOR B. NEUBURG
In addition to "The Triumph of Pan," and many shorter poems, the
volume will contain "The Romance of Olivia Vane," a lyric sequence.


To the readers of "The Equinox." ___ All who are interested in curious old
  literature should write to FRANK HOLLINGS for his Catalogue of over 1,000
  volumes.  Sent post free on receipt of name and address, and all future
  issues.  A few selected items below.
TRANSCENDENTAL MAGIC: Its Doctrine and Ritual.  By ELIPHAS LVI (a complete
  Translation of "Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie"), with a Biographical
  Preface by ARTHUR E. WAITE, author of "Devil Worship in France," etc.
  etc.  Portrait of the Author, and all the original engravings.  8vo, 406
  pp., cloth, 1896.  Published 15s            Offered at 7s. 6p.
   The Pillars of the Temple, Triangle of Solomon, The Tetragram, The
Pentagram, Magical Equilibrium, The Fiery Sword, Realisation, Initiation,
The Kabbalah, The Magic Chain, Necromancy, Transmutations, Black Magic,
Bewitchments, Astrology, Charms and Philtres, The Stone of the
Philosophers, The Universal Medicine, Divination, The Triangle of
Pantacles, The Conjuration of the Four, The Blazing Pentagram, Medium and
Mediator, The Septenary of Talismans, A Warning to the Imprudent, The
Ceremonial of Initiates, The Key of Occultism, The Sabbath of the
Sorcerers, Witchcraft and Spells, The Writing of the Stars, Philtres and
Magnetism, The Mastery of the Sun, The Thaumaturge, The Science of the
Prophets, The Book of Hermes, etc.
   "Occult Philosophy seems to have been the Nurse, or Godmother of all
intellectual forces, the key of all divine obscurities, and the absolute
queen of society in those ages when it was reserved exclusively for the
education of priests and of kings.  It reigned in Persia with Magi, who at
length perished, as perish all masters of the world, because they abused
their power; it endowed India with the most wonderful traditions, and with
an incredible wealth of poesy, grace, and terror in its emblems; it
civilised Greece to the music of Orpheus; it concealed the principles of
all the sciences and of all human intellectual progress in the bold
calculations of Pythagoras; fable abounded in its miracles, and history,
attempting to appreciate this unknown power, became confused with fable; it
shook or strengthened empires by its oracles, caused tyrants to tremble on
their thrones, and governed all minds, either by curiosity, or by fear."
  Abraham the Jew unto his Son Lamech, A.D. 1458.  Translated from the
  Original Hebrew into French, and now rendered into English.  From a
  unique and valuable MS, in the "BibliothŠque de l'Arsenal" at Paris; with
  copious Notes and Magical Squares of Letters.  By L.S.MACGREGOR-MATHERS.
  4to, black cloth, Magical Square on side in gold.  1900.  (Published at
  21s.)  Postage free       10s. 6p.
  The original work, of which this is a translation, is unique, no other
copy being known, although both Bylwer Lytton and Eliphas Levi were well
aware of its existence; the former having based part of his description of
the sage Rosicrucian, Mejnour, on that of Abra-Melin, while the account of
the so-called Observatory of Sir Philip Derval in the "Strange Story" was, to
some extent, copied from that of the Magical Oratory and Terrace given in
the present work.  There are also other interesting points too numerous to
be given here in detail.  It is felt therefore that by its publication a
service is rendered to lovers of rare and curious Books, and to Students of
Occultism, by placing within their reach a magical work of so much
importance, and one so interestingly associated with the respective authors
of "Zanoni" and of the "Dogma and Ritual of Transcendental Magie."  The Magical
Squares or combination of letters, placed in a certain manner, are said to
possess a peculiar species of automatic intelligent vitality, apart from
any of the methods given for their use; and students are recommended to
make no use of these whatever unless this higher Divine Knowledge is
approached in a frame of mind worthy of it.
NEW PEARL OF GREAT PRICE: A Treatise concerning the Treasure and Most
  Precious Stone of the Philosophers; the Original Aldine Edition of 1546,
  translated into English, with Preface and Index; the original
  illustrations, photographically reproduced.  Crown 8vo, cloth, 1894.
  (Published 12s. 6d. net.)      4s. 6d.
PARACELSUS. ___ The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Aureolus Philippus
  Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim, called Paracelsus the Great, now for
  the first time translated into English.  Edited, with Elucidatory Notes,
  a copious Hermetic Vocabulary and Index, by A. E. WAITE.  2 vols., 4to,
  cloth, 1894.  (Published œ2 12s. 6d.)    27s. 6d.
  Treatises on the Philosopher's Stone, together with the Theatre of
  Terrestrial Astronomy.  By EDWARD KELLY, translated from the Hamburg
  Edition of 1676, and edited, with a Biographical Preface, emblematic
  figures.  Crown 8vo, cloth, 1893.  (Published, 7s. 6d.)         4s. 6d.
ASHMOLE (Elias) Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum.  Containing severall
  Poeticall Pieces of our Famous English Philosophers, who have written the
  Hermetique Mysteries in their owne Ancient Language, with Annotations.
  4to, with curious copper-plates printed on the letter-press, calf, re-
  backed, rare, 1652.      œ3 10s.
PHYSICAL RARITIES, containing the most choice receipts of Physick and
  Chyrurgerie, for the Cure of all Diseases incident to Man's Body: being a
  rich Jewell kept in the Cabinet of a famous Doctor in this Nation; stored
  with admirable Secrets and approved Medicines.  Published by Ralph
  Williams.  Hereunto is annexed, the Physicall Mathematicks of Hermes
  Trismegistus.  12mo, hf, old sheep, rare, 1652.    17s. 6d.
AGRIPPA (H. C.)  De Incertitudine et Vanitate omnium Scientia et Artium
  liber: et de Nobilitate et praecellentia Foeminei Sexus, etc.,  Thick
  12mo, old claf, Hagae-Comitum, 1662.  6s. 6d.
AGRIPPA (H. C.)  The Vanity of Arts and Sciences.  Small 8vo, old calf,
  1684.   10s. 6d.
AGRIPPA (Henricus Cornellus) de Occulta Philosophia, libra tres.  Folio,
  woodcut portrait on title, slight stain in a few margins, hf. old calf,
  rare, a, 15__.   35s.
QABBALAH. ___ The Philosophical Writings of Ibn Gebirol, or Avicebron, and
  their Connection with the Hebrew Qabbalah and Sepher ha-Zohar, with
  Remarks upon the Antiquity and Contents of the latter, and Translations
  of selected passages from the same; also, an Ancient Lodge of Initiates,
  Translated from the Zohar, and Abstract of an Essay upon the Chinese
  Qabbalah, a Translation of Part of the Mystic Theology of Dionysus, the
  Areopagite, etc. etc., by ISAAC MYERS, LL.B.  Royal 4to, large paper,
  with diagrams and illustrations, cloth, t. e g., others uncut,
  Philadelphia, 1888.          35s.
NOSTRODAMUS. ___ The True Prophecies and Prognostications of Michel
  Nostrodamus, Physician to Henry II., Francis II., and Charles IX., Kings
  of France, and one of the best Astronomers that ever were; a Work full of
  Curiosity and Learning, Translated and Commented by Theophilus
  Garienceres, M.D.  Folio, fine portrait frontispiece by Dolle, orig.
  calf, fine sound copy, rare in this state, 1672.          45s
SANDERS (Richard, Student in the Divine and Celestial Sciences)
  Physiognomie and Chiromancie, Metoposcopie, the Symmetrical Proportions
  and signal Moles of the Body; with their Natural-Predictive-
  Significations; The Subject of Dreams; Divinative, Steganographical, and
  Lullian Sciences.  Folio, fine portrait by T. Cross, and many
  illustrations, calf, 1653.              42s.
Visitors to London who are interested should make a point of calling.  Only
a few minutes from Chancery Lane.
FRANK HOLLINGS, 7 GREAT TURNSTILE, HOLBORN (near the Inns of Court Hotel).

                                KONX OM PAX

Contains an Introduction and Four Essays; the first an account of the
progress of the soul to perfect illumination, under the guise of a charming
fairy tale;
   The second, an Essay on Truth, under the guise of a Christmas pantomime;
   The third, an Essay on Magical Ethics, under the guise of the story of a
Chinese philosopher;
   The fourth, a Treatise on many Magical Subjects of the profoundest
importance, under the guise of a symposium, interspersed with beautiful
   No serious student can afford to be without this delightful volume.  The
second edition is printed on hand-made paper, and bound in white buckram,
with cover-design in gold.
                       PRICE TEN SHILLINGS
                          *          *
                        Some Press Opinions
"Dr. M. D. EDER in "The New Age"
   "Yours also is the Reincarnation and the Life, O laughing lion that is
to be!
   "Here you have distilled for our delight the inner spirit of the Tulip's
form, the sweet secret mystery of the Rose's perfume: you have set them
free from all that is material whilst preserving all that is sensual.  'So
also the old mystics were right who saw in every phenomenon a dog-faced
demon apt only to seduce the soul from the sacred mystery.'  Yes, but the
phenomenon shall it not be as another sacred mystery; the force of
attraction still to be interpreted in terms of God and the Psyche?  We
shall reward you by befoulment, by cant, by misunderstanding, and by
understanding.  This to you who wear the Phrygian cap, not as symbol of
Liberty, O ribald ones, but of sacrifice and victory, of Inmost
Enlightenment, of the soul's deliverance from the fetters of the very soul
itself ___ fear not; you are not 'replacing truth of thought by mere
expertness of mechanical skill.'
   "You who hold more skill and more power than your great English
predecessor, Robertus de Fluctibus, you have not feared to reveal 'the
Arcana which are in the Adytum of God-nourished Silence' to those who,
abandoning nothing, will sail in the company of the Brethren of the Rosy
Cross towards the Limbus, that outer, unknown world encircling so many a
":John Bull," in the course of a long review by Mr. HERBERT VIVIAN"
   "The author is evidently that rare combination of genius, a humorist and
a philosopher.  For pages he will bewilder the mind with abstruse esoteric
pronouncements, and then, all of a sudden, he will reduce his readers to
hysterics with some surprisingly quaint conceit.  I was unlucky to begin
reading him at breakfast and I was moved to so much laughter that I watered
my bread with my tears and barely escaped a convulsion."
"The Times"
   "The Light wherein he writes is the L.V.X., of that which, first
mastering and then transcending the reason, illumines all the darkness
caused by the interference of the opposite waves of thought. ... It is one
of the most suggestive definitions of KONX ___ the LVX of the Brethren of
the Rosy Cross ___ that it transcends all the possible pairs of opposites.
Nor does this sound nonsensical to those who are acquainted with that LVX.
But to those who do not it must remain as obscure and ridiculous as
spherical trigonometry to the inhabitants of Flatland."
"The Literary Guide"
   "He is a lofty idealist.  He sings like a lark at the gates of heaven.
'Konx Om Pax' is the apotheosis of extravagance. the last word in
eccentricity.  A prettily told fairy-story 'for babes and sucklings' has
'explanatory notes in Hebrew and Latin for the wise and prudent ___ which
notes, as far as we can see, explain nothing ___ together with a weird
preface in scraps of twelve or fifteen languages.  The best poetry in the
book is contained in the last section ___ 'The Stone of the Philosophers.'
Here is some fine work."

                            A. CROWLEY'S WORKS
   The volumes here listed are all of definite occult and mystical interest
and importance.
"The Trade may obtain them from"
   "The Equinox," 124 Victoria Street, S. W.  Tel.: 3210 Victoria;
   and Messrs. Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co.,
   23 Paternoster Row, E.C.
"The Public may obtain them from"
   "The Equinox," 124 Victoria Street, S. W.
   Mr. Elkin Matthews, Vigo Street, W.
   The Walter Scott Publishing Co., Paternoster Square, E.C.
   Mr. F. Hollings, Great Turnstile, Holborn.
                  And through all Booksellers.
ACELDAMA.  Crown 8vo, 29 pp., œ2 2s. net.  Of this rare pamplet less than
  10 copies remain.  It is Mr. Crowley's earliest and in some ways most
  striking mystical work.
  xxii. + 223, 7s. 6d. net.
SONGS OF THE SPIRIT. Pp. x. + 109.  A new edition. 3s. 6d. net.
  These two volumes breathe the pure semi-conscious aspiration of the soul,
  and express the first glimmerings of the light.
THE SOUL OF OSIRIS.  Medium 8vo, pp. ix. + 129, 5s. net.
  A collection of lyrics, illustrating the progress of the soul from
  corporeal to celestial beatitude.
TANNHŽUSER.  Demy 4to, pp. 142, 15s. net.
  The progress of the soul in dramatic form.
BERASHITH.  4to, china paper, pp. 24, 5s. net.  Only a few copies remain.
  An illuminating essay on the Universe, reconciling the conflicting
  systems of religion.
THE GOD-EATER.  Crown 4to, pp. 32, 2s. 6d. net.
  A striking dramatic study of the origin of religions.
THE SWORD OF SONG.  Post 4to, pp. ix. + 194, printed in red and black,
  decorative wrapper, 20s. net.
  This is the author's first most brilliant attempt to base the truths of
  mysticism on the truths of scepticism.  It contains also an enlarged
  amended edition of "Berashith," and an Essay showing the striking
  parallels and identities between the doctrines of Modern Science and
  those of Buddhism.
GARGOYLES.  Pott 8vo, pp. vi. + 113, 5s. net.
ORACLES.  Demy 8vo, pp. viii. + 176, 5s. net.
  Some of Mr. Crowley's finest mystical lyrics are in these collections.
KNOX OM PAX.  See advt.
Collected Works (Travellers' Edition).  Extra crown 8vo, India paper, 3
  vols. in one, pp. 808 + Appendices.  Vellum, green ties, with protraits,
  œ3 3s.; white buckram, without portraits, œ2 2s.  This edition contains
  "Qabalistic Dogma," "Time," "The Excluded Middle," "Eleusis," and other
  matter of the highest occult importance which are not printed elsewhere.
AMBERGRIS.  Medium 8vo, pp. 200, 3s 6d.  (Elkin Mathews.)
  A selection of lyrics, containing some of great mystical beauty.

{Illustration on center top third by horizontal of the back cover of the
boards edition, entire back cover in red ink:

   This is an equilateral triangle circumscribed in a white ring.  The
triangle is of wide white bars.  The field within ring and triangle is
solid red.

Text to the left:   "PRICE

Text to the right:     "To be had
                     of The Equinox,
                 124 Victoria St., S. W.
                     and through all

GOETIA vel Clavicula

                     SALOMONIS REGIS
    (The Lesser Key of Solomon the King.)

The best, simplest, most intelligible and most effective
                 treatise extant on


Careful and complete instruction; ample illustration; beautiful production.
This books is very much easier both to understand and to operate than the
                     "Greater" Key of Solomon.




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