These remarkable essays have much of the depth and lucidity of Huxley,
with a greater power of sustaining the interest of the casual reader.  Mr.
Shirley has the gift of bringing life into controversies long since dead and
buried, of showing their importance to us, of restating them in terms of
actuality.  Moreover his standpoint is most sane.  he is a questioner and
critic not obsessed by the microscopic accuracy of the logician, but able to
see things with human eyes.
     To the metaphysician professed, therefore, he may seem shallow.  One may
quarrel for instance with his attempted disproof of the theory that the
Universe is a single phenomenon.  One may assert that without experience of
Samadhi it is impossible to understand what is meant by the theory.  Mr.
Shirley cannot realize that Time and Space are accidental forms of our
consciousness, no more essential to it than a harem skirt to the Venus of
   Suppose a cinematograph show observed by a man on earth and a man on the
sun (with a devil of a telescope!) at 10.40, and their observations compared.
The solar will regard the terrestrial as a prophet, for the latter can see at
10.40 what the former sees at 10.48 or thereabouts.  With space it is the same
thing.  Assumer a fourth dimension, and Calcutta may rub streets with Buenos
Ayres.  The Battle of Waterloo may be merely one name for a phenomenon whose
other names are John Brown, saucepan, geometry, etc., etc./
   These conceptions are hard to realize intellectually.  Mr. Shirley is too
sane; has never tortured his mind to the point of grasping such whirlwinds and
making them the breath of his nostrils.  But one minute in Samadhi, and he
would understand the actuality of such imaginations.  Not that facts are so
discovered; it is the attainment of a point of view.
   And were this apex added to the broad pyramid of his common sense, we
should have another St. John the Divine, an incarnation of the Eagle Kerub, no
longer as now merely the subtlety of the Serpent and the sharpness of the

    [We regret that urgency forbids detailed criticism of this admirable
volume.  We should in particular have liked to argue the "Rite" theory of the
Crucifixion.  As it is, we can only refer the author to J. M. Robertson's
"Pagan Christs." --- ED.]


     "Stage fright is also a condition of pathological fear."  To such a
degree of absurdity can specialization bring an unbalanced mind.  Fear is only
pathological when it has no reasonable basis.
     This is enough to show the worthlessness of this ill-written book.
     It is amusing to find the author quoting Mrs. Verral as conclusive proof
against any supernormal element in automatic writing, while Mr. Hill quotes
the same experiments as conclusive proof for it.  But Mr. Hill is a student of
science; Dr. Coriat a flatulent gastrologian.
                                                             ERIC TAIT.


     The important disclosures of this unpretentious volume mark a new epoch
in human thought.
     Good is better than evil.  Bad habits should be broken.  Health is more
desirable than disease.  Happiness gives more happiness than unhappiness does.
Work is more useful than idleness.  Selfishness is bad; unselfishness is good.
Suffering is common.  Dwelling upon one's petty troubles and ailments is a
manifestation of weakness of character.
     The reviewer, staggered by revelations so overwhelming, can only fall
upon his knees and burst into a flood of tears.
     But think of the chagrin of Lord Avebury!
                                                              M. TUPPER.

                                 KONX OM PAX


Contains an Introduction and Four Essays; the first an account of the progress
of the soul to perfect illumination, under the guise of a charming fairy tale;
   The second, an Essay on Truth, under the guise of a Christmas pantomime;
   The third, an Essay on Magical Ethics, under the guise of the story of a
Chinese philosopher;
   The fourth, a Treatise on many Magical Subjects of the profoundest
importance, under the guise of a symposium, interspersed with beautiful
   No serious student can afford to be without this delightful volume.  The
second edition is printed on hand-made paper, and bound in white buckram, with
cover-design in gold.
                       PRICE TEN SHILLINGS
                          *          *
                             Some Press Opinions

"Dr. M. D. EDER in "The New Age"
   "Yours also is the Reincarnation and the Life, O laughing lion that is to
   "Here you have distilled for our delight the inner spirit of the Tulip's
form, the sweet secret mystery of the Rose's perfume: you have set them free
from all that is material whilst preserving all that is sensual.  'So also the
old mystics were right who saw in every phenomenon a dog-faced demon apt only
to seduce the soul from the sacred mystery.'  Yes, but the phenomenon shall it
not be as another sacred mystery; the force of attraction still to be
interpreted in terms of God and the Psyche?  We shall reward you by
befoulment, by cant, but misunderstanding, and by understanding.  This to you
who wear the Phrygian cap, not as symbol of Liberty, O ribald ones, but of
sacrifice and victory, of Inmost Enlightenment, of the soul's deliverance from
the fetters of the very soul itself --- fear not; you are not 'replacing truth
of thought by mere expertness of mechanical skill.'
   "You who hold more skill and more power than your great English
predecessor, Robertus de Fluctibus, you have not feared to reveal 'the Arcana
which are in he Adytum of God-nourished Silence' to those who, abandoning
nothing, will sail in the company of the Brethren of the Rosy Cross towards
the Limbus, that outer, unknown world encircling so many a universe."
":John Bull," in the course of a long review by Mr. HERBERT VIVIAN"
   "The author is evidently that rare combination of genius, a humorist and a
philosopher.  For pages he will bewilder the mind with abstruse esoteric
pronouncements, and then, all of a sudden, he will reduce his readers to
hysterics with some surprisingly quaint conceit.  I was unlucky to begin
reading him at breakfast and I was moved to so much laughter that I watered my
bread with my tears and barely escaped a convulsion."
"The Times"
   "The Light wherein he writes is the .V.X., of that which, first mastering
and then transcending the reason, illumines all the darkness cause by the
interference of the opposite waves of thought. ... It is one of the most
suggestive definitions of KONX --- the LVX of the Brethren of the Rosy Cross
--- that it transcends all the possible pairs of opposites.  Nor does this
sound nonsensical to those who are acquainted with that LVX.  But to those who
do not it must remain as obscure and ridiculous as spherical trigonometry to
the inhabitants of Flatland."
"The Literary Guide"
   "He is a lofty idealist.  He sings like a lark at the gates of heaven.
'Konx Om Pax' is the apotheosis of extravagance. the last word in
eccentricity.  A prettily told fairy-story 'for babes and sucklings' has
'explanatory notes in Hebrew and Latin for the wise and prudent --- --- which
notes, as far as we can see, explain nothing --- together with a weird preface
in scraps of twelve or fifteen languages.  The best poetry in the book is
contained in the last section --- 'The Stone of the Philosophers.'  Here is
some fine work."


RAMSEY (William).  Astrologie Restored: being an Introduction to the General
  and Chief part of the Language of the Stars, in four Books, folio.  "Fine"
  "Portrait by Cross.  Calf, rebacked, fine copy."  1654.  "?"4 4"s."
GLANVIL (Joseph).  Saducismus Triumphatus: or Full and Plain Evidence
  concerning Witches and Apparitions; with Letter of Dr. More on the same
  Subject, and an authentick, but wonderful story of certain Swedish Witches;
  done into English by ANT. HORNECK.  8vo.  "Curious frontispiece in six"
  "compartments by Faithorne.  Old calf, rebacked."  1681.     "?"1 5"s."
ALCHEMY. --- SUCHTEN (Alex. Van).  Of the Secrets of Antimony; also BASIL
  VALENTINE'S Salt of Antimony, with its use, translated out of High Dutch by
  Daniel Cable, a Person of Great Skill in Chemistry, 1671. --- Treatise
  concerning the Fiez Water of the Philosophers, written in he German tongue,
  and now published in English by J. F. Houpreght, a Student of the wonderful
  Secrets of Hermes, "n.d." --- Marrow of Alchemy, an Experimental Treatise
  discovering the most hidden Mystery of the Philosopher's Elixer, by E. P.
  Philalethes (Lewis du Moulin), 1654-55.  In one volume, 8vo.  "Being a series"
  "of beautifully written Manuscripts, as legible as copper-plate, in calf."
                                                          "?"4 4"s."
     There is practically no doubt that this very singular volume was entirely
  the work of Daniel Cable, and none of the works appear to have ever been
  printed.  Cable published a work entitled "Of Natural and Supernatural
  things," which Lowndes calls an extraordinary book.  If its matter is at all
  similar to that of the present volume, there is little wonder that Lowndes
  should call it "extraordinary."
WAITE (A. E.)  The Book of Ceremonial Magic, including the Rites and Mysteries
  of Go?tic Theurgy, Sorcery, and Infernal Necromancy, in two Parts.  I. An
  Analytical and Critical Account of the chief Magical Rituals extant.  II. A
  complete Grimoire of Black Magic.  4to.  "With "180 "illustrations, white cloth"
  "extra, with designs in gold on cover."  1910.        "Post free" 15"s. net."
OCCULT SCIENCE IN INDIA, and among the Ancients, with an account of their
  Initiations, and the History of Spiritism, from the French of LOUIS
  JACOLLIOT, by WILLARD l. FELT.  Large 8vo.  "Cloth extra, n.d.  Recent."
"                                                         "  6"s." 6"d."
  the Jew unto his Son Lamech, A.D. 1458.  Translated from the Original Hebrew
  into French, and now rendered into English.  From a unique and valuable MS,
  in the "Biblioth? de l'Arsenal" at Paris; with copious Notes and Magical
  Squares of Letters.  By L. S. MACGREGOR-MATHERS.  4to, black cloth, Magical
  Square on side in gold.  1900.  (Published at 21s.)  Postage free  10s. 6p.
     The Original work, of which this is a translation, is unique, no other
  copy being known, although both Bylwer Lytton and Eliphas Levi were well
  aware of its existence; the former having based part of his description on
  the sage Rosicrucian, Mejnour, on that of Abra-Melin, while the account of
  the so-called Observatory of Sir Philip Derval in the "Strange Story" was, to
  some extent, copied from that of the Magical Oratory and Terrace given in
  the present work.  There are also other interesting points too numerous to
  be given here in detail.  It is felt therefore that by its publication a
  service is rendered to lovers of rare and curious Books, and to Students of
  Occultism, by placing within their reach a magical work of so much
  importance, and one so interestingly associated with the respective authors
  of "Zanoni" and of the "Dogma and Ritual of Transcendental Magie."    The
  Magical Squares or combination of letters, placed in a certain manner, are
  said to possess a peculiar species of automatic intelligent vitality, apart
  from any of the methods given for their use; and students are recommended to
  make no use of these whatever unless this higher Divine Knowledge is
  approached in a frame of mind worthy of it.
TRANSCENDENTAL MAGIC: Its Doctrine and Ritual.  By ELIPHAS LVI (a complete
  Translation of "Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie"), with a Biographical
  Preface by ARTHUR E. WAITE, author of "Devil Worship in France," etc. etc.
  Portrait of the Author, and all the original engravings.  8vo, 406 pp.,
  cloth, 1896.  Published 15s            Offered at 7s. 6p.
     The Pillars of the Temple, Triangle of Solomon, The Tetragram, The
  Pentagram, Magical Equilibrium, The Fiery Sword, Realisation, Imitation, The
  Kabbalah, The Magic Chain, Necromancy, Transmutations, Black Magic,
  Bewitchments, Astrology, Charms and Philtres, The Stone of the Philosophers,
  The Universal Medicine, Divination, The Triangle of Pantacles, The
  Conjuration of the Four, The Blazing Pentagram,. Medium and Mediator, The
  Septenary of Talismans, A Warning to the Imprudent, The Ceremonial of
  Initiates, The Key of Occultism, The Sabbath of the Sorcerers, Witchcraft
  and Spells, The Writing of the Stars, Philtres and Magnetism, The Mastery of
  the Sun, The Thaumaturge, The Science of the Prophets, The Book of Hermes,
     "Occult Philosophy seems to have been the Nurse, or godmother of all
  intellectual forces, the key of all divine obscurities, and the absolute
  queen of society in those ages when it was reserved exclusively for the
  education of priests and of kings.  It reigned in Persia with Magi, who at
  length perished, as perish all masters of the world, because they abused
  their power; it endowed India with the most wonderful traditions, and with
  an incredible wealth of poesy, grace, and terror in its emblems; it
  civilized Greece to the music of Orpheus; it concealed the principles of all
  the sciences and of all human intellectual progress in the bold calculations
  of Pythagoras; fable abounded in its miracles, and history, attempting to
  appreciate this unknown power, became confused with fable; it shook or
  strengthened empires by its oracles, caused tyrants to tremble on their
  thrones, and governed all minds, either by curiosity, or by fear.'
YOGA OR TRANSFORMATION: a Comparative Statement of the various Religious
  Dogmas concerning the Soul and its Destiny, and of Akkadian, Taoist,
  Eguptian, Hebrew, Greek, Christian, Mohammedan, Japanese and other Magic, by
  WM. J. FLAGG.  Large 8vo.  "Cloth extra."  1898.            6"s." 6"d."
KNIGHT (J Payne).  Discourse on the Worship of Priapus, and its connection
  with the Mystic Theology of the Ancients; with an Essay on the Worship of
  the Generative Organs during the Middle Ages of Western Europe.  4to.  "With"
  40 "curious plates.  Half roxvurghe binding.  Privately printed, "1865.
                                                              "?"3 3"s."
PARACELSUS.  The Hermetical and Alchemical Writings of Aureopus Phillippus
  Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim, called Paracelsus the Great, now for the
  first time translated into English.  Edited, with Elucidatory Notes, a
  copious Hermantic Vocabulary and Index, by A. E. WAITE.  2 cols. 4to.
"  "Cloth."  1894.  (Published "?"2 12"s." 6"d."
JENNINGS (Hargrave).  The Rosicrucians, their Rites and Mysteries.  Thick 8vo,
  4"th and last edition, revised.  Half-morocco, t.e.g., n.d."  7"s." 6"d."
     Portion of Contents: --- Ever-burning Lamps --- The Hermetic Philosophers
  --- The Hermetic Brethren --- Mystic History of the Fleur-de-lis --- Sacred
  Fire --- Fire-Theosophy of the Persians --- Ideas of the Rosicrucians as to
  the Character of Fire --- Monuments Raised to Fire-Worship in all Countries
  --- Druidical Stones and their Worship --- The Round Towers of Ireland ---
  Cabalistic Interpretations by the Gnostics --- Mystic Christian Figures and
  Talismans --- The Rosy Cross in Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and
  Mediaeval Monuments --- The Great Pyramid --- Myths of the Scorpion, or the
  Snake in its many Disguises --- Rosicrucians Celestial and Terrestrial ---
  Alchemy --- Rosicrucians in Strange Symbols --- Robert Flood --- Indian
  Mystic Adoration of Forms, etc., etc.
MYSTERIES OF MAGIC: a Digest of the Writings of Eliphas L?vi, with
  Biographical and Critical Essay by ARTHUR E. WAITE.  "Second Edition, revised"
  "and enlarged."  8vo. "Coth."  1897.  (Pub. 10"s." 6"d.")     6"s."
      This work fulfils a purpose quite distinct from that of "Transcendental"
  "Magic, "inasmuch as it is not simply translation, but presents in an abridged
  and digested form the entire writings of Eliphas L?vi.

                         A GREEN GARLAND
                        By V. B. NEUBURG
                  Green paper cover. 2s. 6d. net
      "As far as the verse is concerned there is in this volume something more
than mere promise; the performance is at times remarkable; there is beauty not
only of thought and invention --- and the invention is of a positive kind ---
but also of expression and rhythm.  There is a lilt in Mr. Neuburg's poems; he
has the impulse to sing, and makes his readers feel that impulse." --- "The"
"Morning Post."
      "There is a certain grim power in some of the imaginings concerning
death, as 'The Dream' and 'the Recall,' and any reader with a liking for verse
of an unconventional character will find several pieces after his taste." ---
"The Daily Telegraph."
      "Here is a poet of promise." --- "The Daily Chronicle."
      "It is not often that energy and poetic feeling are united so happily as
in this little book." --- "The Morning Leader."
     There is promise and some fine lines in these verses." --- "The Times."

"          ""Ready March 6th.  Crown" 8"vo.  Cloth Gilt.  About " 280 "pp."
                       "THE NEW GOD" and other Essays.
                              BY RALPH SHIRLEY.
                       (Editor of the "Occult Review.")
    CONTENTS: The New God --- Prophets and Prophecies --- Prophecies and
Anticipations --- Julian the Apostate --- Mystical Christianity --- The
Perfect Way --- Relationship of Christianity to Gnostic Faiths --- Early
Christian Evidences --- New Testament Authorities --- Friedrich Nietzsche ---
The Strange Case of Lurancy Vennum --- Cagliostro.
                            A MANUAL OF OCCULTISM.
A complete Exposition of the Occult Arts and Sciences by SEPHARIAL, Author of
"A Manual of Astrology," "Prognostic Astronomy," "Kabalistic Astrology," etc.
etc.  With numerous diagrams and illustrations.  368 pp., handsomely bound in
cloth gilt.  Gilt tops.
                             Crown 8vo.  6"s." net.
   CONTENTS: PART I. THE OCCULT SCIENCES, comprising: Astrology --- Palmistry
--- Thaumaturgy --- Kabalism --- Numerology --- Talismans --- Hypnotism.

    PART II.  THE OCCULT ARTS, comprising: Divination --- The Tarot Cartomancy
--- Crystal Gazing --- Clairvoyance --- Geomancy --- Psychometry --- Dowsing
--- Dreams --- Sortileges --- Alchemy.
    The need for a concise and practical exposition of the main tenets of
Occultism has long been felt.  In this manual of Occultism the author has
dealt in a lucid manner with both the Occult Sciences and the Occult Arts, and
has added some supplementary matter on the subjects of Hypnotism and Alchemy.

    The book is written from the point of view of a practical student, and
contains many experimental results, which form valuable keys to the study and
practice of the subjects dealt with.  The text is, moreover, illustrated with
numerous explanatory diagrams and symbols, and the whole work forms a more
complete compendium of Occultism than any hitherto offered to the public,
while it is supplied at a price well within the reach of the general reader.
                       340 "pp.  Crown "8"vo.  Cloth gilt."
                            "ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY."
                          BY ISADOR H. CORIAT, M.D.,
    Second Assistant Physician for Diseases of the Nervous System, Boston
            City Hospital; Neurologist to the Mt. Sinia Hospital.
Subconscious? --- Automatic Writing --- Testing the Emotions --- Analysing the
Emotions --- Sleep --- Derams --- What is Hypnosis? --- Analysis of the Mental
    II. DISEASES OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS. --- Losses of Memory --- Restoration of
Lost Memories --- Illusions of Memory --- The Splitting of a Personality ---
Hysteria --- Psychasthenia --- Neurasthenia --- Psycho-Epileptic Attacks.
    Most of the investigations on Abnormal Psychology are widely scattered
throughout the pages of Medical publications and psychological literature
generally.  Hence these researches are difficult of access to the general
reader in any convenient and connected form.
    The present volume is an attempt to bring all this material together
within the compass of a single work, and some personal observations and
experiments have been supplied by the Author in illustration of the various
theories propounded.  The book is a valuable study of psychological phenomena
in the region of the abnormal, and especially of subconscious mental states,
from the medical standpoint.

{Illustration on center top third by horizontal:

   This is an equilateral triangle circumscribed in a white ring.  The
triangle is of wide and white bars.  The field within ring and triangle is
solid black.

GOETIA vel Clavicula

                 SALOMONIS REGIS
    (The Lesser Key of Solomon the King.)

The best, simplest, most intelligible and most effective treatise
                           extant on


Careful and complete instruction; ample illustration; beautiful production.
This books id very much easier both to understand and to operate than the so-
called "Greater" Key of Solomon.



                 "Crown 8vo, Scarlet Buckram, pp. 64."

     Less than 100 copies remain.  The price will shortly be raised to
                          one guinea net.

                   A ∴ A ∴ PUBLICATION IN CLASS B.

THIS book contains in concise tabulated form a comparative view of all the
symbols of the great religions of the world; the perfect attributions of the
Taro, so long kept secret by the Rosicrucians, are now for the first time
published; also the complete secret magical correspondences of the G.'.
D.'. and R. R. et A. C.  It forms, in short, a complete magical and
philosophical dictionary; a key to all religions and to all practical occult
    For the first time Western and Qabalistic symbols have been harmonized
with those of Hinduism, Buddhism, Mohammedanism, Taoism, &c.  By a glance at
Tables, anybody conversant with any one system can understand perfectly all

The "Occult Review" says:

   "Despite its cumbrous sub-title and high price per page, this work has only
to come under the notice of the right people to be sure of a ready sale.  In
its author's words, it represents 'an attempt to systematise alike the data of
mysticism and the results of comparative religion,' and so far as any book can
succeed in such an attempt, this book does succeed; that is to say, it
condenses in some sixty pages as much information as many an intelligent
reader at the Museum has been able to collect in years.  The book proper
consists of a Table of 'Correspondences,' and is, in fact, an attempt to
reduce to a common denominator the symbolism of as many religious and magical
systems as the author is acquainted with.  The denominator chosen is
necessarily a large one, as the author's object is to reconcile systems which
divide all things into 3, 7, 10, 12, as the case may be.  Since our expression
'common denominator' is used in a figurative and not in a strictly
mathematical sense, the task is less complex than appears at first sight, and
the 32 Paths of the Sepher Yetzirah, or Book of Formation of the Qabalah,
provide a convenient scale.  These 32 Paths are attributed by the Qabalists to
the 10 Sephiroth, or Emanations of Deity, and to the 22 letters of the Hebrew
alphabet, which are again subdivided into 3 mother letters, 7 double letters,
and 12 simple letters.  On this basis, that of the Qabalistic 'Tree of Life,'
as a certain arrangement of the Sephiroth and 22 remaining Paths connecting
them is termed, the author has constructed no less than 183 tables.
   "The Qabalistic information is very full, and there are tables of Egyptian
and Hindu deities, as well as of colours, perfumes, plants, stones, and
animals.  The information concerning the tarot and geomancy exceeds that to be
found in some treatises devoted exclusively to those subjects.  The author
appears to be acquainted with Chinese, Arabic, and other classic texts.  here
your reviewer is unable to follow him, but his Hebrew does credit alike to him
and to his printer.  Among several hundred words, mostly proper names, we
found and marked a few misprints, but subsequently discovered each one of them
in a printed table of errata, which we had overlooked.  When one remembers the
misprints in 'Agrippa' and the fact that the ordinary Hebrew compositor and
reader is no more fitted for this task than a boy cognisant of no more than
the shapes of the Hebrew letters, one wonders how many proofs the
re were and what the printer's bill was.  A knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet
and the Qabalistic Tree of Life is all that is needed to lay open to the
reader the enormous mass of information contained in this book.  The 'Alphabet
of Mysticism,' as the author says --- several alphabets we should prefer to
say --- is here.  Much that has been jealously and foolishly kept secret in
the past is here, but though our author has secured for his work the
"imprimatur" of some body with the mysterious title of the A ∴ A ∴, and
though he remains himself anonymous, he appears to be no mystery-monger.
Obviously he is widely read, but he makes no pretence that he has secrets to
reveal.  On the contrary, he says, 'an indicible arcanum is an arcanum which
"cannot" be revealed.'  The writer of that sentence has learned at least one
fact not to be learned from books.

                               WILLIAM NORTHAM,


MR. NORTHAM begs to announce that he has been entrusted with the manufacture
of all robes and other ceremonial apparel of members of the A ∴ A ∴ and
its adepts and aspirants.

        No. 0.  PROBATIONER'S ROBE       .     .    .    .    .    œ5 0 0
            1.       "         "       superior quality  .    .     7 0 0
            2. NEOPHYTE'S     .    .     .     .    .    .    .     6 0 0
            3. ZELATOR           Symbol added to No. 2   .    .     1 0 0
            4. PRACTICUS           "      "          3   .    .     1 0 0
            5. PHILOSOPHUS         "      "          4   .    .     1 0 0
            6. DOMINUS LIMINIS     "      "          5   .    .     1 0 0
            7. ADEPTUS (without)   "      "       0 or 1 .    .     3 0 0
            8.    "    (Within)    .     .     .    .    .    .    10 0 0
            9. ADEPTUS MAJOR       .     .     .    .    .    .    10 0 0
           10. ADEPTUS EXEMPTUS    .     .     .    .    .    .    10 0 0
           11. MAGISTER TEMPLI     .     .     .    .    .    .    50 0 0

   The Probationer's robe is fitted for performance of all general invocations
and especially for the I. of the H. G. A.; a white and gold nemmes may be
worn.  These robes may also be worn by Assistant Magi in all composite rituals
of the White.
   The Neophyte's robe is fitted for all elemental operations.  A black and
gold nemmes may be worn.  Assistant Magi may wear these in all composite
rituals of the Black.
   The Zelator's robe is fitted for all rituals involving I O, and for the
infernal rites of Luna.  In the former case an Uraeus crown and purple nemmes,
in the latter a silver nemmes should be worn.
   The Practicus' robe is fitted for all rituals involving I I, and for the
rites of Mercury.  In the former case an Uraeus crown and green nemmes, in the
latter a nemyss of shot silk, should be worn.
   The Philosophus' robe is fitted for all rituals involving O O, and for the
rites of Venus.  In the former case an Uraeus crown and azure nemmes, in the
latter a green nemmes, should be worn.
   The Dominus Liminis' robe is fitted for the infernal rites of Sol, which
must never be celebrated.
   The Adeptus Minor's robe is fitted for the rituals of Sol.  A golden nemmes
may be worn.
   The Adeptus' robe is fitted for the particular workings of the Adeptus, and
for the Postulant at the First Gate of the City of the Pyramids.
   The Adeptus Major's Robe is fitted for the Chief Magus in all Rituals and
Evocations of the Inferiors, for the performance of the rites of Mars, and for
the Postulant at the Second Gate of the City of the Pyramids.
   The Adeptus Exemptus' robe is fitted for the Chief Magus in all Rituals and
Invocations of the Superiors, for the performance of the rites of Jupiter, and
for the Postulant at the Third Gate of the City of the Pyramids.
   The Babe of the Abyss has no robe.
   For the performance of the rites of Saturn, the Magician may wear a black
robe, close-cut, with narrow sleeves, trimmed with white, and the Seal and
Square of Saturn marked on breast and back.  A conical black cop embroidered
with the Sigils of Saturn should be worn.
   The Magister Templi Robe is fitted for the great Meditations, for the
supernal rites of Luna, and for those rites of Babylon and the Graal.  But
this robe should be worn by no man, because of that which is written:
"Ecclesia abhorret a sanguine."
       "Any of these robes may be worn by a person of whatever grade on"
                         "appropriate occasions."

                        George Raffalovich's new works
                            THE HISTORY OF A SOUL.
"               "                       Edition strictly limited."
                              THE DEUCE AND ALL.
                        A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES.



                   Through THE EQUINOX and all booksellers.


"                                "READY SHORTLY."
                                THE WHIRLPOOL

                                 ETHEL ARCHER

                                E. J. WIELAND;

                            A DEDICATORY SONNET BY
                              VICTOR B. NEUBURG;


                              AN INTRODUCTION BY
                              ALEISTER CROWLEY.

                                A. COLIN LUNN,

                    Cigar Importer and Cigarette Merchant.

     Sole Agent for Loewe & Co.,s Celebrated Straight Grain Briar Pipes.

manufactured from the finest selected growths of 1908 crop, and are of
exceptional quality.  They can be inhaled without causing any irritation of
the throat.

                sole Manufacturer:  A. COLIN LUNN, Cambridge.

                            MESSRS. LOWE AND CO.,

beg to announce that they have been entrusted for thirteen years past
                    with the preparation of the




and other chemical products useful to members of all the lesser grades
                          of the A ∴ A ∴


MR. GEORGE RAFFLOVICH'S charming volume of Essays and Sketches

                                ON THE LOOSE:

"                    ""A new popular edition.  Price "1"s. net"
"                             "Crown "8"vo.  Pp. "164.
                     May be obtained through THE EQUINOX.

                              A. CROWLEY'S WORKS

   The volumes here listed are all of definite occult and mystical interest
and importance.
"The Trade may obtain them from"
   "The Equinox," 124 Victoria Street, S. W.  Tel.: 3210 Victoria;
   and Messrs. Simpklin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co.,
   23 Paternoster Row, E.C.
"The Public may obtain them from"
   "The Equinox," 124 Victoria Street, S. W.
   Mr. Elkin Matthews, Vigo Street, W.
   The Walter Scott Publishing Co., Paternoster Square, E.C.
   Mr. F., Hollings, Great Turnstile, Holborn.
                  And through all Booksellers.
ACELDAMA.  Crown 8vo, 29 pp., œ2 2s. net.  Of this rare pamplet less than 10
  copies remain.  It is Mr. Crowley's earliest and in some ways most striking
  mystical work.
  xxii. + 223, 7s. 6d. net.
SONGS OF THE SPIRIT. Pp. x. + 109.  A new edition. 3s. 6d. net.
  These two volumes breathe the pure semi-conscious aspiration of the soul,
  and express the first glimmerings of the light.
THE SOUL OF OSIRIS.  Medium 8vo, pp. ix. + 129, 5s. net.
  A collection of lyrics, illustrating the progress of the soul from corporeal
  to celestial beatitude.
TANNHAUSER.  Demy 4to, pp. 142, 15s. net.
  The progress of the soul in dramatic form.
BERASHITH.  4to, china paper, pp. 24, 5s. net.  Only a few copies remain.  An
  illuminating essay on the universe, reconciling the conflicting systems of
THE GOD-EATER.  Crown 4to, pp. 32, 2s. 6d. net.
  A striking dramatic study of the origin of religions.
THE SWORD OF SONG.  Post 4to, pp. ix + 194, printed in red and black,
  decorative wrapper, 20s. net.
  This is the author's first most brilliant attempt to base the truths of
  mysticism on the truths of scepticism.  It contains also an enlarged amended
  edition of "Berashith," and an Essay showing the striking parallels and
  identities between the doctrines of Modern Science and those of Buddhism.
GARGOYLES.  Pott 8vo, pp. vi. + 113, 5s. net.
ORACLES.  Demy 8vo, pp. viii. + 176, 5s. net.
  Some of Mr. Crowley's finest mystical lyrics are in these collections.
KNOX OM PAX.  See advt.
Collected Works (Travellers' Edition).  Extra crown 8vo, India paper, 3 vols.
  in one, pp. 808 + Appendices.  Vellum, green ties, with protraits, œ3 3s.;
  white buckram, without portraits, œ2 2s.  This edition contains "Qabalistic
  Dogma," "Time," "The Excluded Middle," "Eleusis," and other matter of the
  highest occult importance which are not printed elsewhere.
AMBERGRIS.  Medium 8vo, pp. 200, 3s 6d.  (Elkin Mathews.)
  A selection of lyrics, containing some of great mystical beauty.