WITH the issue of the next Number in September, the present series of the "Equinox" will close until March 1918, O.S., and no further open pronouncements from the A ∴ A ∴ may be expected until that date.  The work will be carried on privately.  The "Equinox" will, however, be replaced by another publication under the same Management, of smaller size, lower price, and more frequent appearance.  It will be principally devoted to Mysteria Mystica Maxima, the extraordinary growth of which has surpassed the most sanguine expectations of its founders.
   The first number of the new magazine will contain important pronouncements of this Body.
   Full particulars will be given in the Editorial pages of No. X. of the "Equinox", which will appear on September 23, 1913.
   Those readers who have not got complete sets are strongly advised to lose no time in making them up, as the demand is constantly increasing, and it will shortly be impossible to supply any more copies from this office.  That we have been able to do so hitherto is only due to the enterprise of our agents in buying up second-hand copies all over the country.
   Sets of the first eight numbers made up with such {xxiii} second-hand copies have recently been sold in America for forty dollars (" Pounds"8).

   What spectacle is more tragically pathetic than that of a man who has done good work reduced to beggary, his only remaining capital, his brain, in  state of hopeless decay?  Poor Mathers never recovered from the exposure of his association with the Horos Gang.
   Think of him as he is at present, laboriously copying out with his own hand the silly "Looking Glass" articles and sending them to the staff of the "Equinox", who have all had their own copies for years, and were not particularly interested in them even at the time when the statements were fresh enough to be funny!
   When one thinks that he could have had these articles reprinted for a few shillings a thousand, what a state of penury it reveals!  His own followers appear to have abandoned him, or he could not be in such distress.  Considering the debt which Occultism owes him for the translation of the "Key of Solomon," the "Kabbalah Unveiled," and the "Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-melin,"<> we have confidence in appealing to the generosity of the readers of the "Equinox" to form a Fund to enable the shattered mind and body to end its days in the comparative comfort of a "private" asylum.

   Another blow to Morality; one more of our guardians has fallen.  Mr. De Wend Fenton will be remembered as the gentleman who took exception to the Rites of Eleusis, though he was good enough to say after publishing the first of his {xxiv} articles attacking them, that he meant no harm, and would like to meet Mr. Crowley at dinner; presumably in the hope that mild and pious persuasion would induce him to amend his ways.  An invitation which was "not" accepted.  It is consequently with the greatest regret that we reprint the following cutting from the "Daily Mail."

                       FINE ON "PINK 'UN" EDITOR
  Mr. De Wend Fenton, editor of the "Sporting Times," was fined " Pounds"10 and " Pounds"5 5"s." costs at Mansion House by Alderman Sir John Knill on each of six summonses --- " Pounds"91 10"s." in all --- for sending through the post indecent articles contained in the paper.


   Mr. George Raffalovich is in no way connected with "The Equinox."
   Mr. George Raffalovich has never been connected with "The Equinox" in any way but as an occasional contributor.
   It cannot be too clearly understood that "the Equinox" has no connection with Mr. George Raffalovich.
   We have much pleasure in stating that Mr. George Raffalovich is in no way connected with "The Equinox."
   We have no reason to anticipate that "The Equinox" will in any way be connected with Mr. George Raffalovich.
   We trust that Mr. George Raffalovich will be satisfied with these statements of fact, to which we are prepared to testify on oath. {xxv}